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Manual Osteopath



Clinic Owner,Manual Osteopath (DOMP)

Ali started Professional Massage Therapy in 2011 at Wellsprings College of Massage Therapy and Alternative Medicine. In 2012, to improve his knowledge and experience he started his study of Osteopathy. In 2017, he graduated from the National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO) as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, DOMP. Ali is currently enrolled in the BSc(O)/DO program in the National University of Medical Sciences.

What Ali loves about Osteopathy is that it is a unique system of manual therapy. Which is a gentle, safe and effective form of hands-on, holistic, and drug free therapy. Osteopathic principles focus on the treatment of the musculoskeletal (muscles, joints, fascia, ligaments) system, organs and the central nervous system. Ali believes that given the right conditions, the body has an amazing ability to rebalance and heal itself.

Ali is a Member of the following Associations: National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS), The College of Osteopathic Practitioners of Ontario (COMPO), Society of Osteopaths of Canada (SOC), The Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (CUOMP) and a member of National Osteopathy Practitioner Association (NOPA).

Registered Massage Therapists

yalda fallahi


Clinic Owner, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Yalda is a RMT and a graduate of the Massage Therapy program at Wellspring College in 2013. She is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and is a member of the Registered Massage Therapist’s Association of Ontario (RMTAO).

Since then Yalda has expanded on her treatment skills which include, Deep tissue massage, Trigger point therapy, myofascial release therapy, Hot stone massage, Indian head massage, Cupping Therapy, Infant massage training, and K taping. Yalda focuses on the provision of massage treatment to treat sports injuries, as well as chronic pain and stiffness, treatment for tension headaches, frozen shoulder, sciatica and lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfer elbow, knee and ankle sprains, muscle strains, TMJ pain, plantar fasciitis, migraines and tension headaches and many more.

If you’re looking to relax, or need a therapeutic massage treatment, Yalda can adjust your therapy session to your needs.

carina da costa


Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Carina is a Graduate from the Georgian College Massage Therapy Program. Through out her time at Georgian she was able to gain experience in wellness and therapeutic massage. Some of the areas she is familiar with include pregnancy, sports, fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritides, geriatrics, complex care, and palliative care. Carina is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and her top priority is the health and wellbeing of her patients!

Mahdieh Monajeri


Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Mahdieh is a Registered Massage Therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and a member of the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario (RMTAO). She also completed her bachelor degree of Occupational Therapy at Shahid Beheshti University of Iran and has 20 years of experience of treating a variety of patients. Her experience and passion in rehab inspires her to help and motivate clients to achieve their treatment goals. Her massage techniques are effective in pain relief, tissue health and relaxation. Her therapeutic plan could help you improve your health and endurance.

Natalia Girnet


Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Natalia is a Registered Massage Therapist and a graduate of the Massage Therapy program at Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy. She has a rich client-care experience and provides services with professionalism and dedication directed towards the client. She uses a variation of techniques to help relax and de-stress, believing strongly that massage can help clients both physically and mentally. Natalia approaches each client individually, making sure the advices are educational and aimed to provide benefits both short-term and long-term. She prides herself in having the ability to understand what each individual body needs and strives towards helping each and every client reach their own unique goal of healthy living.

Whether a treatment plan requires Trigger Point therapy for chronic muscle pain, Deep Tissue, a gentle and subtle touch for Stress Reduction, Soothing Hot Stone Massage or a relaxing Swedish Massage. Natalia will make sure her client receives the utmost benefit from what Massage Therapy has to offer.

Registered Acupuncturist



Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist (R.TCMP & R.Ac)

Jin has been studying at Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TSTCM) for many years and graduating of the Advanced TCM Diploma Program. She is Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist (R.TCMP & R.Ac) with College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO). Jin has a passion for the holistic approach of Chinese Medicine, taking into account individual physical, emotional, psychological, lifestyle and nutritional needs.

She believes that teamwork between a client and a practitioner is the most important factor in successful treatment. Not only do she understands people in both physical and emotional ways, but also knows how to treat people with love. She can treat chronic pain relief – neck, shoulder and lower back pain- as well as in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression, emotional issues, stress reduction and gynecological problems-infertility, menstrual problems, IVF and menopause symptoms.

Certified Reflexologist



Reflexologist (RRPr)

Rachel completed her Reflexology training with Centennial College in 2011 and is a current member of the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO).

Rachel’s first exposure to Reflexology was as a child when her father would perform treatments on her grandmother’s crippled arthritic feet. Her grandmother claimed that those regular sessions kept her walking and out of a wheelchair for many years. Inspired, Rachel pursued this modality, and now as a professional Reflexologist, she has seen firsthand the numerous benefits that can be achieved from one or more treatments.

For those of you that are new to Reflexology, it is a natural, non-invasive healing art that is based on the principle that there are points in the feet called reflexes that correspond to organs, systems and other parts of the body. Through application of pressure with the fingers and hands on these points, the aim of the Reflexologist is to restore balance by activating the body’s own self-healing process. Having a Reflexology treatment is a deeply relaxing and soothing experience, calming the nervous system and increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. Essentially, Reflexology helps to balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the whole body.

Rachel looks forward to the opportunity to assist you on your path to optimal health through Reflexology. Should you have any questions, she is more than happy to speak with you.

Administrative Team



Medical Office Administrator

Chelsea is the full-time Medical Office Administrator at Ultimate Health Clinic. After being a stay-at-home mom for a few years, Chelsea decided it was time to go back to school and do something for herself. She has always had an interest in the medical field and helping people. Chelsea graduated from Everest College in 2014 (with honours) from the Medical Office Administrator program.

Chelsea is highly proficient in computer skills and is excellent at multitasking and problem-solving. She is committed to making sure the clinic is organized and runs smoothly. Chelsea is passionate about healthcare and ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.



Medical Office Administrator

Tina is a part- time Medical Office Administrator at Ultimate Health Clinic. This busy mother of 3 works hard every day. Her main focus in our clinic is making sure the clients receive the best quality care and attention as possible. She involves herself with day to day activates, responsibilities and tasks that are related to the clinic, such as billing, answering phones, taking memos, and maintaining files. When you walk into our clinic, you will be sure to get a warm friendly welcome from Tina.